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RED BULL Kronplatzcross 2012

The "Red Bull Kronplatz Cross" celebrates his debut in South Tyrol. On 10th and 11th of February 2012 for the first time this spectacular and breathtaking skicross event will be held in the established ski region "Kronplatz", the area naming the event. And MASTERTENT will be present as sponsor for this legendary event. The "Red Bull Kronplatz Cross" is a ski race for teams, where after a steep start slope also various obstacles have to be overcome, before reaching the goal. To make the event even more spectacular, it has been decided to restyle the traditional skicross variant and to demand that the teams for the qualification run on 10th February start in a group of three and the teams for the final run on the following evening start in a group of four. Everyone can participate: but due to the difficult piste you should be a good skier .... and certainly a daredevil! You can register yourself on the website www.redbull.it/kronplatzcross and the confirmation of participation, the payment of the fee and the issuing of documents and start number will be handled later on site. MASTERTENT would like to wish all skicross participants and bystanders a spectacular, successful and fair "Red Bull Kronplatzcross 2012"!

HOT NEWS 2012:
Igual de individual que Ud. mismo!
Carpa plegable con estructura de aluminio - disponible en cientos de colores diversos!
OFERTA DE LANZAMIENTO 2012: Estructura carpa coloreada para MASTERTENT 3x3 m sin suplemento de precio!
Información: www.mastertent.com/colour/es
RED BULL Kronplatzcross 2012
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