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MASTERTENT | Librar Verona

Raining books in Verona

From Friday 19th to Sunday 21st of October in the heart of Verona, at the Piazza dei Signori and the Corte Mercato Vecchio, was made a very interesting event about books and reading: Verona Librar.

The third edition of this literary event offered a large program of literary parades with authors, workshops, film screenings, literary prizes and various shows.

The initiative LIBRAR VERONA

Librar Verona is organized by the Cultural and Tourism Association of Verona, in close cooperation with Atlantis, ALI (Italian Booksellers Association) and many other partners and sponsors who made ​​the festival to a cultural highlight of Verona.

Cooperation with MASTERTENT
The numerous authors and the organizers made sure, that the visitors had fun with the literary offer, but it was the job of Mastertent to protect the visitors against rain and sun. In fact Mastertent was co-sponsor of this unique cultural event and made available one of the Mastertent membrane buildings (textile architechture) where the main staging’s where carried out.

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MASTERTENT | Librar Verona
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