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"Summit Child and Youth services” 2011 | Stuttgart

Europe’s biggest youth service summit ended on June 9th in Stuttgart. From June 7th to June 9th it was hold the 14. German child and youth service (14. DJHT). On Europe’s biggest convention with specialized fair the child and youth service of whole Germany presented itself with the motto “Children. Youth. Future. Develop prospects – promote potential”. Main sponsor of the school mass, action program to the 14th DJHT, was MASTERTENT Germany. The organizer of the DJHT delivered a positive summary: more than 45.000 visitors came to the exhibition site due to the 14th German child and youth service day, 320 exhibitors of the whole German Federal Republic presented oneself at the specialized fair. In addition, on the contemporarily hold 210 special events, know how was given to 4.500 people – from the learning process of babies and toddlers till the approach of children with mentally ill parents, from the youth protection till the results of disadvantages of single parents and their children. The DJHT is therefore the biggest advanced training course for youth care worker, social worker and educator.
The closing speech was hold by the federal president Christian Wulff and by 16 adolescents with a “democracy dialog”. 

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"Summit Child and Youth services” 2011 | Stuttgart
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